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Introducing the Revolutionary Vitality Stick Training System

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Your Training System

  • Four — 20 min. Videos: safe & proven effective FItness Routines
  • 90 day, multi level, program outline & Success Monitor
  • Staying on track Inspirational CD
  • Challenging & Fun for any Age, any Fitness Level

Guaranteed Anti—Aging Results

  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Reduction of Body Fat & Aches & Pains
  • Toned & Strenghtened Muscles
  • Beter Flexibility, Posture & Balance
"I promise this program is all you need to get and stay fit, flexible and energetic for life."

— Rico Caveglia, America's Healthy Aging Trainer

"I completely rehabbed myself using the Vitality Stick"
Holly Darah, Business Owner/Trainer

"I love the Vitality Stick routines, they are fun and I fell much better"
Mike Hayes, Business Owner

"Rico Caveglia has developed a truly revolutionary product and my loved ones are getting them as gifts!"
Bobbye Brooks. Business Owner/Entrepreneur

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Meet Rico Caveglia

An Introduction to Vitality Stick Work Outs

The Vitality Stick

The Vitality Stick will become your new best friend.

It is our mission to help as many people as possible get and stay fit, energetic and vital for life. As you may know there are many people in America and the world who are unfit, over weight with low energy and who are suffering needlessly from minor aches and pains to severe health challenges.

This is especially true for those over 40.
There are a variety of reasons for these conditions including:
  • Lack of knowledge and motivation
  • Lack of time to get themselves fit and healthy
  • Many people haven't enjoyed exercise or haven't gotten good results in the past
  • So much conflicting and mis-information about what are the safest and most effective exercises for weight loss, strength and vitality
The Vitality Stick Mind/Body Exercise Routines and intelligent eating plans are the answer.
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • They are safe
  • Proven effective for all ages and all fitness levels
  • Fun to do — you will stick with it
The Vitality Stick

Exercise That Energizes Your Entire Body

Vitality Stick home workouts unleash a cocktail of youth enhancing hormones

  • You have more energy
  • You feel better
  • You reduce body fat
  • You have less stress
  • Your sex drive imporves
  • You look younger
  • You move better
  • You sleep better
  • You have less stiffness and pain

Vitality Stick Exercise Improve Balance, Posture, Flexiblity and Coordination

Best home gym - Best home RESULTS
  • Safe and lasting weight loss
  • Tone and strengthen muscles
  • Strenghten heart and lungs
  • Reduces pain, stiffness
  • Lowers blood pressure
The Vitality Stick

The Vitality Stick

Resistance Band Exercise Strength Training for Women and Men

Amazing Features... Low Cost - High lifetime value
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Very Versatile - Multiple exercise possibilites
  • Suitable for any age
  • Easy to transport
  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Virtually indestructible with no maintenance
  • Reminds you to get up and stretch

Improves Brain Functon, Focus & Reduces Stress

Who will benefit most from the Vitality For Life Program?

Anyone, any age, at any fitness level can achieve great results. However the Vitality Stick best serves the following:

  • Men and women in their second half of life who know they need and want to increase their energy, become stronger and improve their health and vitality
  • People who want to avoid disease, old age and the nursing home
  • People who are very busy and think they don't have time to get fit and healthy
  • Perfect for busy executives, stay at home moms, those who travel a lot or who are just plain crazy busy
  • People who are intimidated by having to go to a gym and learn how to use all that equipment
  • People who are tired of the traditional long hard workouts many which are actually aging them prematurely
The Vitality Stick

Best Workout for Women and Men

Why You will stick with your Vitality For Life Program
The Vitality Stick
  • Time efficient 20 minute routines
  • Routines are easy and fun to learn
  • Adaptable for any fitness level
  • You get one minute audio inspirational reminders everyday
  • You have Rico as your personal trainer 24/7
  • How you begin to look and feel will keep you wanting more
  • You receive a one year free membership in our Vitality for Life online Wellness Club

Rico Caveglia

Who Developed the Vitality Stick Exercise Technology?

The Vitality Stick and Vitality Stick Exercise Technology Routines were developed by Rico Caveglia, America's Healthy Aging Trainer and creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle Rico has 34 years experience training clients of all ages, (primarily from 40-100), all fitness levels and with many different health challenges.

Rico realized In today's busy, complex, world, most people need and want home workout equipment and a fitness program system, that get results and can be easily learned and implemented for life. So the Vitality Stick and the best fitness workouts were born.

His private clients have been using the Vitality Stick workout routines with great success to greatly enhance the quality of their lives for over twenty years.

The Secrets to Vitality & Longevity

The Vitality Stick Mind/Body Revolutionary Exercise Routines

To help you easily learn how to effectively use your Vitality Stick, we have prepared our 4 best workout videos that show you exactly how to do your Daily Warm Up, Flexibility, Aerobic and Strength Routines that can be customized for any fitness level and completed in 20 minutes or less.

You Will Love These Routines

"I have watched many of the popular exercise videos and they basically just have you jump in and follow along with out really showing you how to do the moves safely and for maximum results. I have just seen Rico Caveglia's four Vitality Stick exercise routines and I am very impressed. You really get expert personal training showing you first, how to execute the exercises properly and safely before having you follow along. As a chiropractor and strength and conditioning coach I know how many people injure themselves exercising without proper coaching. These are the best exercise videos I have ever seen. I also highly recommend them because they are suitable for all ages and all fitness levels."

— Dr. Terry Riley, D.C. Strength & Conditioning Coach

Your Unique Personal Training Videos:

Warm Up

VIDEO ONE: 10-15 Minutes Daily Warm Up Routine

A full body warm up routine to start your day or before exercising. These unique, easy to do movement will imporve your posture, balance and range of motion and help to keep you mobile and injury free.


VIDEO TWO: 10-15 Minutes Daily Flexibility Routine

This is our favorite routine and well worth having a Vitality Stick. This routine will give you all the flexibility you need to move and feel well all of your life, no matter what your age. Includes stretches for low back and makes performing most stretches and yoga postures easier.


VIDEO THREE: 20 Minute Aerobic Exercise Interval Workout — Best Fat Loss Exercise

This is most effective because you are using a wide range of muscles moving in different planes, not just legs/hips as in running or arms in swimming. This workout revs up your metabolism and increases fat buring throughout your day and strengthens your heart and lungs.


VIDEO FOUR: 20 Minute Full Body Strength Training Exercise

The Vitality Power Stick allows you to work both lower and upper body muscle groups, great for core muscle toning. Two power resistance bands/cords are included that allow you to do many very benefical strength training exercises with different tensions, using our famous 12 Count Power Stick Pump Routine.

Your Vitality Stick fitness program/workout routines will help you to look, feel and function your best for life.

You will gain Full Body Functional Fitness For Life.

Product Guaranteed

Your Vitality Stick Power Package Includes:

  • One 52" Vitality Stick — warm up, flexibility and aerobic routines
  • One Vitality Power Stick w/2 power cords & door attachment for strength workouts
  • Four unique Vitality Stick personal training exercise DVDs
  • One unique Vitality Stick Get Inspired Mindset Audio/Meditation — stay motivated for life
  • One Vitality Stick travel bag

PLUS the following valuable bonuses:

  • Rico's e-book: Real Fit Real Fast
  • Rico's e-book: Real Nutrition Real Fast
  • Rico's 90 Day Get Fit Program Outline
  • Rico's 30 one minute daily motivational audios

Look and feel 10-20 years younger in just 90 days!

Get your Vitality Stick today!